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4 March 2009


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14 February 2009

The Impossible Task

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= Impossibility of minimizing multiple windows

Welcome to Windows 7.

[Edit 08/03/09: It is possible to right click on a thumbnail, usual window context menu appears there. But I still think it is very undiscoverable.]


2 February 2009

From The Forgotten Mail

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Muhammad Usman Ghani

to me, Raza, Faisal, Mehroz


2026: Microsoft manages to do the impossible by cloning Tanveer Badar
thus paving the path for its own demise.

Tanveer Badar

to Muhammad, Raza, Faisal, Mehroz


Such modesty. You should have said:
Beginning in the summer of 2019, Microsoft sponsors a project that seeks to unravel the enigma underlying the phenomenon of "The Tanveer Badar" syndrome. For the next two years, they make little progress as the disease symptoms elude them, much like the old world AIDS (Remember, we have colonized far away galaxies. This experiment is being carried on in an alternate reality.). Then, suddenly, in year 2024, they recognize the signs and relate it to an anomaly which happened on 3rd June, 1984. After that, within the next 2 years they achieve the near impossible, a working clone of Usman Ghani who wreaks havoc resulting int he ultimate destruction of human race.

24 January 2009

New Goodies in Windows 7

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To do any development work in Windows 7, you must first get the latest Windows SDK.

Upon reading, things will reveal themselves in the native land enough to cause this (and very few technical things invoke this reaction in me). I am talking about the Ribbon and Animations and Web Services for Windows. And more goodies.

[Edit: Few hours later… I had forgotten to mention Direct2D and DirectWrite.]

Try this stuff!

Java Loves You

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People don’t like to read. If you can’t think of anything to say, maybe you should just shut up. This whole damn dialog could read

Java Loves You—Please Wait

No, I don’t think so. And People agree. Why hog my computer with “Java Quick Start” by the way? I never complained to anyone that applet start-up time was slow. Why run yet another program to optimize (questionable!) 1% of the cases? As if reader_sl.exe wasn’t enough! (You won’t find any useful information for this program on Google.)

And I had almost forgotten that the rant wasn’t over yet. Java web start is yet another such program (javaws.exe) which keeps running on and on. And jusched.exe which checks for updates when we are perfectly capable of manually invoking the program ourselves.

As a side note, install Gmail Voice and Video chat to include two more such monstrosities in the mix, GoogleUpdate.exe and GoogleTalkPlugin.exe.

[Placeholder for Windows Live praise.]

When the platform is moving towards minimizing startup costs, cutting back on services, making more and more of them to start as late as possible or never if not needed, crappy companies move to feast in the open land.

20 January 2009

Firefox Updated, Close First Window

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Save Your 5 Minutes Installing AVG on Windows 7

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By reading here….

Free edition of AVG has a dependency on MFC 8.0. However, they fail to ship the msp files with their program and Windows 7 doesn’t come with MFC 8.0 pre-installed either.

AVG will install successfully but will fail to run any of the UI components I had to install VS anyway, hence problem solved for me.

Choose your poison.

The Definition

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"Terrorism," the professor had lectured, "has a singular goal. What is it?"
"Killing innocent people?"
"Incorrect. Death is only a byproduct of terrorism."
"A show of strength?"
"No. A weaker persuasion does not exist."
"To cause terror?"

"Concisely put. Quite simply, the goal of terrorism is to create terror and fear. Fear undermines faith in the establishment. It weakens the enemy from within . . . causing unrest in the masses. Write this down. Terrorism is not an expression of rage. Terrorism is a political weapon. Remove a government’s faзade of infallibility, and you remove its people’s faith."

19 January 2009

General Public Notice

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I do not entertain business calls after office hours.

14 December 2008


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Oh! Not this:

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="CallManager.aspx.cs" Inherits="VoiceSite.CallManager" %>
<ccxml version="1.0" xmlns:voxeo="http://community.voxeo.com/xmlns/ccxml">

But this:

CCXML.CCXMLControl control1 = new CCXML.CCXMLControl( );
control1.Controls.Add( new CCXML.Transition( CCXML.CCXMLEvents.Alerting , "evt" , "init" ) );
System.IO.StringWriter sw = new System.IO.StringWriter( );
control1.RenderControl( new HtmlTextWriter( sw ) );

which results in

<ccxml version="1.0">
  <transition name="evt" state="’init’" event="connection.CONNECTION_ALERTING"></transition>

A work in progress. :)

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