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1 December 2007

But Then, What Is "My" Culture Exactly?

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A few days back, I posted what’s not my culture. Right after that post, the next day when I was going to office, I noticed something else about the bus I was sitting in which culminated in this post.

Writing all this stuff is clearly going to make my blog hit high in some nasty search-engine terms :(. But, that concerns me not, because someone should say something before it is too late.

There was a sentence written on the back of the seat in front of my that made me think all that day what is our culture turning into? The sentence was:

               "Put your hand in my pocket and touch my rocket".

Clearly, an indication of psychological disorder we call "homo-sexuality" definitely not allowed in eastern culture.

And that’s just one thing we are embracing. Over the years, that sort of behavior has firmly developed in our police and armed forces. Police specializes in being aboriginal "pedophiles". Homosexuality is common in military training institutes. And not just homosexuality, you will find drunk sailors, officers, some kind of wife-swap (even if there is no wife!) in them.

Police forces are almost entirely from Punjab and a minor fraction from interior Sindh and NWFP. Same can be said about armed forces. The problem is three fold. You can expect anything from a person coming from Punjab because generally the ethical background is "anything goes", "do it as long as you are not caught, if caught offer to others too". Men coming from interior Sindh are truly tribal beasts with no education and sympathy. Those from NWFP have women as a banned item in that far, isolated society built around stupid rules and as a result, a guy has to vent off all that piled up desire of "ooh, aah, ouch".

Additionally, over the years, I have witnessed one or two such cases per year while traveling on the bus, take any route, no restriction there! Even the beggars are riding the band wagon. There was one I saw back in June offering glimpses in return for money.

We are also very good at all other whole host of stuff no one would call the chores of a healthy society.

  • We regularly rob (again, local police a big factor), snatch mobiles and personal belongings on the street.
  • Our media may as well start broadcasting rated movies than the programs they show with women half naked.
  • The film industry is rotten right through the bottom with bitches from all over the country joining in as glamour girls. Although, I don’t think there is any need of a film industry in the first place.
  • Our education is a discovery from past and ported back to future.
  • We are not faithful to our employers in our offices and violate any rule or guideline if it hinders our personal satisfaction.
  • Political system is a laughing stock for rest of the world.

19 November 2007

Definitely Not My Culture

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A couple of days ago, I sign-up to second life to check out what the hype is all about. Then, I forgot the password, that recovery email is yet to come. Instead I got this:

Jackhammer John has invited you to join a group in Second Life.
Jackhammer John has invited you to join a group.
There is no cost to join this group.
Sinful Erotic Xstacy Vip: This Group is for Our SEXY and Hot Patrons!!! If Your Not Here what are u doing on Sl??Come and Enjoy Yourself in SL Up and Rising Hot Night and Day Spot*wink wink*
Were open for business *winking*
Log in to accept or decline this invitation.

And the irony is two fold. I still cannot log-in to my account. And certain keywords in this post will increase unwanted traffic to my blog. I already had the misfortune of not understanding my actions and periodically get unwanted hits to disappoint the searcher. :)

16 November 2007

I Demand An Explanation

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They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Therefore, I’ll keep this post very short and let you figure out and tell me which part of hardware is from ATI/AMD on my system when everything screams an “Intel Inside”!

Perhaps, these may help you make your decision quickly.

(from msinfo32)

(from device manager)

Is Microsoft playing “Idiot Outside”? Do count this when making announcing the verdict.

11 November 2007

Anecdotal, Yet Outdated and Incorrect

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As a closed group of friends knows how much I read and the 150+ blogs blessed with my reading, I spend most of my time reading something, anything technical.

I have seen a phenomenon occurring over and over for the last few months. It is my habit to read a blog back to front when it is blessed :). And during those flash backs to past posts for the writer, I frequently encounter links which have been broken, out dated information, design decisions which never made to light of day etc.

As four (yes,four not just one) examples, consider these blogs (all are from Microsoft employees). The Old New Thing, Larry Osterman’s Weblog, Brad Abrams and IRhetoric (this blog has been moved since).

First two are really old times for Microsoft. Their blogs are proud story tellers, recounting the events they had had over their career. But they don’t stink, because they are not littered with broken links, code which will no longer compile, examples which do not apply to what is running right now on my computer. Well, honestly, Raymond’s stinks a little because of his dry (sarcastic, add any others you may like) jokes.

On the other hand, consider the other two. Brad Abrams is the oldest one from any Microsoft  employee I have read so far. But being old should count as a negative point. Earliest posts are from even before the PDC 2003 era. Most of the links are broken because they refer to GotDotNet. Some of the information about Longhorn (read Vista) is entirely incorrect.

Similar analysis can be done for IRhetoric. The links are broken all over the place. Information is entirely incorrect in earlier posts. What used to be Avalon, has posts containing sample which will never compile with the RTM bits.

But there has been no urge to update the code, fix the links or at least point out in the post that those links will no longer work, the code will not compile etc.

26 October 2007

Bibi Takes Her Toll

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I was very happy last week that two entirely unexpected holidays were gifted to citizens of Karachi. (Of course, I feel deeply sorry for the bereaved!)

But the problem is I have no holidays on two consecutive Saturdays, tomorrow and the one after that.

And that brings us to the categories. It is funny to think that no vacations for two weeks and yet I am ranting about it.

18 October 2007

Get Indulged 2

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This is the new theme for IE7, notice the smooth gradient and the wonderful color choice in contrast to that smooth transitions you normally see.


I sincerely hope someone from Microsoft reads my blog, apart from him as they say in Urdu:

گھر کی مرغی دال برابر

6 October 2007

World’s Suckiest Mobile

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So unwittingly, you chose to be ensnared by the TV advertisements..
And bought that shiny new mobile..

Congratulations on buying ‘World’s Suckiest Mobile Phone’, i.e. LG KG-200. It is a raw deal, very rough indeed. A true explanation of ‘not all that glitters is gold’. It has been a month since I bought that awful mobile and not a single day passes when I regret my decision, not that I usually regret anything I do [:)].

Lets begin a journey of the abnormalities in the specimen under observation.

  • To begin, you start the wrong way. Never follow the established conventions of how to unlock your mobile. While every other mobile I have ever used unlocks by the combination [Left soft key] + *, this stain of filth unlocks with [Right soft key] + #.
  • Next best (read beast) thing is that there is no sent message store and drafts folder. Outbox which should only hold the messages which are to be sent or already sent, performs the only function of being a drafts folder, only misnamed to outbox.
  • Sending a message to multiple recipients is a pain in … You have to edit a nasty list of recipients every time to include those people. And for adding insult to injury, that list is only limited to 12 entries, so beware if you need to send an SMS/MMS to more than 12 people, that list will need to be purged of all entries. Similar chaos reigns for two messages which need to be sent to more than 12 people.
  • Even before sending anything, you need to enter text, don’t you? In the next paragraph, you mind will suffer severe damage, be warned!
    The feature we all have come to appreciate when enter text on limited keys than the alphabet of language is called T9 mode. An intelligent text entry system which displays all words that can be formed with the number sequence entered. And allows new words to be entered in the existing dictionary.
    It is the second feature which is missing from my abnormality. Try as one may, there is no way to even add my name to that damned dictionary. And continuing the trend of not following established practices, words that can be formed are cycled with up/down arrow keys instead of *.
  • If you ever customize an SMS template, don’t forget to redo everything after you turn on your phone again. LG thinks better about templates and will not let you meddle with things like: ‘I am sorry’, ‘I love you’ , ‘Happy birthday’ etc.
  • While on the subject of turning off your phone, you will be amazed by the surprising frequency with which this set can turn itself off. Plug the data cable to data transfer, it turns off every time!
  • Disaster spells if you have set a custom wallpaper, which resets to nothing on my set. A colleague also bought the same set and it never happens for him. Weird, even the bugs are non-consistent.
  • Continuing the trend of hideous and tricky, contact book rushes to the front. This phone supports entering Name, Number, Home Number, Company Name, Email Address, Office Number, Fax number and Birthday for a contact. Additionally, you can assign a picture, video, ring tone and a group.
    But soon you will discover a terrible requirement, for these additional pieces of information, the contact must reside in phone memory. Even, a dumb person can say that use the contact’s number stored in SIM memory as key to attach extra information, some sort of lookup table or dictionary.
  • Speaking of attaching picture, video or ring tone to a contact, they too must reside in phone memory instead of SD memory card. It is not able to find anything, anything in SD card even if it is full to bursting point with pictures and audio.
  • When searching contacts, don’t be amazed if two numbers seem to be born on same date or have identical email addresses. Phone automatically saves you the trouble of entering vast pieces of information and incorrectly displays last viewed contact’s information which has not been entered for others.
  • Contacts is full of surprises, say you are editing some contact starting with ‘S’. When you acknowledge all the changes and contacts reappear, they start from ‘A’ and your focus is lost. Please search again.
  • One day you will come to recognize that you were wrong to expect focus staying on the object it was before you edited it. Even editing is not necessary for call register which by default starts in ‘All Calls’. If you ever wander into things like received or dialed numbers to see details and press back, you are actually coming back to ‘All Calls’.
  • Tools, what an enigma! No one needs stop watches anymore because LG stopped building one in their cell phones. If you need a stop watch, go to recording and record some audio, you don’t have to save it. The recording duration is your stop watch, with second granularity.
  • Explain increasement and decreasement to yourself and everyone.
  • Whenever you run ‘A‘ java application and stop it, you prove yourself to be dumb because the phone prompts you with: "? Java application stopped". You moron! How dare you stop it!
  • Pakistan only has Islamabad as its sole city. Nothing else exists, even Karachi where I live. Because, LG thinks so and city setting only has Islamabad.

Such A Long Absence

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What a long absence from the blog world! Almost two weeks. I really missed writing blog posts and reading others peoples’ crazy ideas.

Alas, the tragedy started with us moving our office to a new location. As is always the case, things rarely flow smoothly when you are moving premises for about 25 people and only two hands to manage it. Turned out, it was a full week of agony, working amid all the furnishing going on, with glass being fitted to the windows right in front of our eyes and tiles firmly set on the floor.

Eventually, the hub hub subsided leaving the lingering problem of Internet connectivity. First, it was PTCL’s fault. Required DSL modem changed from Loop H to Loop G (as if I know what either of these means). That took two days to grab. Then, it was the matter of properly connecting the modem to the rest of the system which took another three days at the hand of a particularly pesky lineman.

Week 2: Loop G modem is happy to display its Loop 1 green light to everyone but the router stepped in to spoil the fun and still no Internet connectivity. The exact problem is that we are unable to reach outbound addresses.

In the meantime, my poor computer (with a fried motherboard) came back as new yesterday, so here I am.

12 July 2007

Human Rights

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Every thing in italics is excerpts from here. My own additions appear like [this].

Lets begin with what the phrase ‘Human Rights’ means? Wikipedia says

“the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled, often held to include the right to life and liberty, freedom of thought and expression, and equality before the law.”

The (dysfunctional) United Nations has much more to say in their “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. Although, I like to note that they need amendments to this declaration, specifically, Muslims are not humans, no rights to them, kudos. Let’s party on them.

The words are familiar to every schoolchild in the United States:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    That’s the beginning of the preamble to the United States Declaration of Independence (1776), largely written by Thomas Jefferson. …

    [Of course, Thomas Jefferson never said any thing about the means for the pursuit of Happiness. Anything goes. The ethically dying society has all sorts of means: adultery, prostitution, drinking etc. The list goes on.]

…Lynn Hunt [writer of Inventing Human Rights: A History (W. W. Norton, 2007).] partially credits this to “the short punchy Essay on Crimes and Punishments, published in 1764 by a twenty-five-year-old aristocrat, Cesare Beccaria…. The Italian upstart rejected not only torture and cruel punishment but also—in a move remarkable for the time—the death penalty itself.” (pg. 80)…

[All Islamic states should look forward to abolishing the death sentence from Islamic law. Already, it is common practice not to issue death penalty to women who clearly deserve it.]

…Despite the emerging evidence of Nazi crimes against Jews [The holocaust which many doubt never happened], Gypsies, Slavs, and others, the diplomats meeting in San Francisco [to create the United Nations] had to be prodded and pushed to put human rights on the agenda. …

…In 1944, Great Britain and the Soviet Union had both rejected proposals to include human rights in the charter of the United Nations. Britain feared the encouragement such an action might afford to independence movements in its colonies. …

Has this addition ever helped? Except to western world’s own advantage only. Only as a means to gain entrance to some independent Arab state? And to ignore others completely?

10 July 2007

بڑی مشکل سے ہوتا ہے چمن میں دیدہ ور پیدا

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[Disclaimer: Whatever I say in this article is purely my own opinion. No one else on earth should be accountable for them if ever the need arises.]

آج صبح سے اسلام آباد میں ‘اسلام’ کے نام پر جو کھیل جاری ہے امید ہے کہ بہت سے افراد نے دیکھا ہوگا- جو ہوا اور جو ہو رہا ہے دونوں برے ہیں، مگر سوال یہ ہے کہ ہم جو کر رہے ہیں وہ کس حد تک درست ہے- کیا مہذب دنیا میں یہی ہوتا ہے کہ جو ہم سے متفق نہ ہو اسے ہم صفحہء ہستی سے مٹا دیں- ایک دفعہ اگر یہ مان بھی لیا جاۓ کہ جو کچھـ غازی عبدالرشید نے کیا وہ غلط تھا تو کیا وہ اس سلوک کہ مستحق ٹھہرتے ہیں؟

اگر ہم اپنی تاریخ کا جائزہ لیں تو یہ بات سامنے آۓ گی کہ ہم نے اس سے بڑے بڑے مجرموں کو معافی دی ہے- ہمارے نوے کی دہائی کے سارے سیاست دان آج ملک سے باہر ہیں اور کسی نے ان کے خلاف کچھـ نہ کیا حالانکہ جرم ثابت بھی ہو چکے ہیں ـ لیاقت علی خان کو شہید کیا گیا، سزا وار کون ہوا؟ ضیاءالحق کا طیارہ گرا، ہم تے کس کو پکڑا؟ مرتضی بھٹو مرا، پیپلز پارٹی نے کس کو مجرم ٹھہرایا؟

اپنے ملک کو چھوڑیں(جس سے مثال دیتے شرم آۓ)، تاریخ اٹھا کر دیکھـ لیں، حضرت محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے تو اس شخص کو معاف کر دیا تھا جس نے آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کے چچا حضرت حمزہ رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ کو شہید کر دیا تھا، بس اتنا کہا تھا کہ تم میرے سامنے نہ انا، تمہیں دیکھـ کر مجھے وہ یاد آجاتے ہیں ـ 

غلطیاں ہر دور میں ہوئی ہیں اور ہر کسی سے ہوئی ہیں-ایسا کوئي نہیں جو فطرت انسانی سے مبرا ہو، گر ہوتا تو فرشتہ کہلاتا انسان نہ ہوتاـ غلطی تو مسلمانوں سے غزوہء احد میں بھی ہوئی تھی اور ایسی تھی کہ مدد خدا نہ ہوتی، جذبہء ایمانی نہ ہوتا تو کوئی نام لیوا نا بچتا-مگر کیا اس غلطی کے بعد ذمہ داروں کو موت کے گھاٹ اتار دیا گیا؟

معاشرتی نقطہء نظر سے بھی مجھے تو کوئي غلط بات نہ ملی- اگر کسی طوائف کا اڈا بند کرا دیا تو کیا غلط کیا؟ فحاشی کے ذرائع بند ہو گۓ تو کس کو موت آ گئی؟ مساجد منہدم کرانے پر کوئی احتجاج کرے تو آج کے پاکستان میں اس کا یہ حشر ہوتا ہے- جو ملک اسلام کے تام پر حاصل کیا گیا تھا آج وہاں اسلام کا نام لینے والوں کی زندگی اجیرن کی جا رہی ہے- صدر صاحب کی دلی خواہشوں میں سے ایک پاکستان کو ترکی کے نقش قدم پر چلانا ہے، یعنی بے دینی، بے راہ روی اور آوارگی کی راہ اختیار کرنا- جس طرح کمال اتا ترک نے ترکی کو لادین بنا دیا، آج وہاں اسلام کیا کسی مذہب کی بھی اچھی نگاہ سے نہیں دیکھا جاتا، وہی حال ہماری حکومت ہمارا کرتے چلی ہےـ

صدر صاحب کی کتاب پڑھیں تو پتا چلتا ہے کہ ان کی تربیت میں یے دینی کا کتنا بڑا ہاتھـ ہے، انکو اپنی دلی خواہش کو تو لوگوں کے اعتراض پر واضح کرنا پڑا تھا، مگر جو قلم لکھـ چکا اس کو کوئي ذہنوں سے نہیں مٹا سکتاـ  ہم نے اپنی زندگی کا مقصد اغیار کی خشنودی بنا لیا ہے، جو ہم پر مسلط ہیں انہیں خوف خدا نہیں، ہر صحیح غلط جائز ہے کیوں کہ کر سکتے ہیں ـ

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