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11 January 2011

Facebook Disillusioned

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Permanently Delete Account

Your account has been deactivated from the site and will be permanently deleted within 14 days. If you log into your account within the next 14 days, you will have the option to cancel your request.

That is all.

1 June 2009

Silver Jubilee Week

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Its Silver Jubilee Week people. Get ready!!!

2 October 2008

The Legacy of Javid Iqbal

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I don’t know why this particular thought crossed my mind, perhaps when I came across this:

Does anyone even remember now the horrors convicted serial killer/pedophile Javid Iqbal unleashed during 1999-2001? Whole host of parents and families who are stranded from their beloved sons and daughters.

How no one was able to track him down for over an year and no one cared to find out what motives were behind all those killings? How he died a mysterious death in police custody?

What really amazes me is that there is no information available on internet about those brutal murders. Nothing at all. Except for this little piece on BBC’s website:
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/549787.stm, which tells one very little about what happened in the, then, past and coming future.

Why didn’t we wonder then and question authorities how he died? What veiled hand was behind him which was protected from coming to light by his unexplained death? Why no one explored the possibility that he was never a sociopath? Why isn’t there any documented data in readily accessible way after 8 years? Why aren’t there any laws yet which establish strictest punishments for such felons?

Lots of questions which will remain unanswered till no one remembers the atrocity which was once roamed amongst us safe and free, the oddity which left his legacy for God knows how many to peruse.

4 June 2008


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It will happen at mid-night…..





I’ll be 24 in just an hour.

24 May 2008

Flat Perspective

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Not mine, about some stupid movies.

As a rule of thumb if the thing you are watching (in other words, wasting time) does not have a flat perspective, something like spherical projection or, even more obtusely, oblong, then, its simply not worth the time.

There will be no story, just stupid flash backs (strong analogy to ‘Lost’). And it will end so suddenly, you’ll scratch your head longer than the time it took you to watch it figuring out what just happened.

10 May 2008

Posted through Cell Phone’s Modem

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That’s all. :)

13 April 2008

exit( 0 );

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I upgraded [it]s project to VS 2008 format, only three days before the semi-official end (on Wednesday, if I remember correctly) of development. Only to find that VS 2008 does not play too well with only 1 GB memory.

7 March 2008

Facehooked! :(

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My deepest apologies to the handful of readers who read this "falling apart" blog. Most unfortunately, I have been facehooked since the last month. Addicted to the most addictive online game ever. Warbook.

Now, this post is not a publicity stunt for either the game or the website. Instead, it is about my feeble attempt to revert to the code-monkey lifestyle I have always lived for the last 6 years or so.

Therefore, expect the activity to go up a bit in the next few days. :) Like it used to be in October/November last year.

18 February 2008

We Won!

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We Won!

We Won!

We Won!

MQM won from my NA and SA seats! Results went out about 7 minutes ago.


3 February 2008

Oh! I Just Noticed, "My Eyes Are Brown"

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If your not down with brown you dont live in my town
soon theyll own us
I can honestly say I am a racist, always have been always will be, Its part of the human condition, all we can do is work everday on getting a liitle better.
our outward actions may always be honurable but our minds betray us

These are not my words, rather uttered to me.

A little conversation on skype I was having two hours ago, with a US resident, immigrant from Latin America.

I doubt about myself whether the feeling would be mutual or not.

[Nitpickers corner]

There might be two mistakes in this, I’ll correct them in due time. [:)]

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