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22 April 2008

Horribilus Totalus

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I can’t properly write anything from Live Writer if I have IE8 installed. For some weird reason, mshtml.dll seems to decide that an AV is in order at some random instant whenever playing with tables or particularly (read pretty) formatted text.

7 April 2008

Who Says Harry Potter Is Worse?

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There are thing far, far more worst than Harry Potter in the mortal world, mere mortals.

I am talking about ‘The Davinci Code’. If Harry Potter movies were off the plot, The Davinci Code seems like the producer(s) and director(s) never read the wretched novel themselves.

By the looks, they had just the remotest idea of what was supposed to be in the novel and how they should produce the movie, which they then off shored to some sit-together, under-paid, road-killed Indian company. I half expected some cheap song to spring to front at the end.

Thank God I only spent 15 minutes watching the twisted end game. It is much better than the 90 minutes spent on ‘Jarhead’, where I couldn’t decide the entire time whether I should continue watching it or not. That was the first for me in living history where I didn’t make up my mind this long.

7 March 2008

Do I Know You?

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Now, this is post is entirely off the track. It is/has something(s) about “me” when I desperately try things to be not about “me”.

Two weeks ago, I called a colleague to confirm that it was not off from office. He didn’t receive my call and when I was in the bus, he called me back to ask why I had called. We had this little conversation.

Him: Tanveer, you just called me?
Me: Yes
Him: Why?
Me: I wanted to ask you whether you are coming today or not.
Him: Yes, leaving in a few minutes.
Me: Well, I am already in the bus. Bye.
<End of conversation>

In this little piece of speech, treasures of information lie hidden. Let’s dig some.

  1. Neither of us is deaf.
  2. We both can speak.
  3. I am bilingual in Urdu and English.
  4. I understood whatever language he is using to talk to me.
  5. We both work at the same office.
  6. We are on first name terms.
  7. We are close because only close persons ask each other these kind of questions.
  8. At least I am well educated.

Side information that could be gathered from the context.

  1. I had called him previously.
  2. My office is not an educational institute because it was declared a public holiday for schools and colleges.
  3. I am well educated, the person who called me is close to me, it follows that he must be well educated too.

For the added bonus, you can gather additional information from this post. :)

  1. My name has ‘Tanveer’ somewhere in it.
  2. I studied information theory in my past.

In conclusion my children, even the tiniest amount of conversation can leak tremendous amounts of information whether you like it or not. I haven’t exhausted either of the three lists by any chance. Natural languages are always very redundant, yet this tiny snippet shows how much you can gather from just six sentences.

3 February 2008

Oh! I Just Noticed, "My Eyes Are Brown"

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If your not down with brown you dont live in my town
soon theyll own us
I can honestly say I am a racist, always have been always will be, Its part of the human condition, all we can do is work everday on getting a liitle better.
our outward actions may always be honurable but our minds betray us

These are not my words, rather uttered to me.

A little conversation on skype I was having two hours ago, with a US resident, immigrant from Latin America.

I doubt about myself whether the feeling would be mutual or not.

[Nitpickers corner]

There might be two mistakes in this, I’ll correct them in due time. [:)]

2 February 2008

Best Spam Ever

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This is the best piece of spam I ever got.

You’re invited to:

By your host:
Paul Gill

The management of Omni city Hotel in Montreal Canada wishes to advertise through this medium for the Following Job Vacancy in our Hotel. Due to the expansion in our services and the opening of new outlets the hotel needs both men and female’s workers to fill in different categories of job openings. The Hotel management will take care of his/her flight ticket, accommodation, and will also exercise on your visa, if your are interested contact us; omnicity_hotel_canada22@yahoo.ca

Sunday January 27, 2008

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm  (GMT +00:00)

Will you attend?
RSVP to this invitation

Copyright © 2008  Yahoo! Inc. All Rights Reserved | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy

By all means, if you are interested, contact them in the next few hours. But I would like to see little more consistency like:

A hotel which "will take care of his/her flight ticket, accommodation, and will also exercise on your visa" does not have their own domain.

27 January 2008

Yahoo is SO Much Fun!

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Latest version of Firefox is considered "rare" by Yahoo. Yes "rare" indeed, but the most conformant to web standards of all others out there!

May I point out that new version of Yahoo Mail does not work in FF 3 Beta 2 either, because they try to move nodes from one document to other through whatever arcane non standard method. This should be attempted through importNode or adaptNode.


13 January 2008


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My Windows Vista installation, nothing personal. He he he…

I finally managed to get a no boot configuration after repeatedly trying to install Windows Vista SP1 RC refresh (yes, that’s the official name). Finally, after wasting 90 minutes and constantly staring at "Reverting changes", I hit the reset button and it does not boot anymore.

10 January 2008


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Feel free to click if you have 10 minutes!

"The thing inside"

20 December 2007

If They Say So

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It seems IE8 passed Acid2 test. Big deal! Really. It is over on IE blog and almost every Microsoft blogger is writing about it. The fact is falsely amplified because FF 2.x does not render that page correctly.

So, for the love of FF, I wrote this in the comments of that post

[Update:  Some 90 minutes later, I am writing this again for the love of FF. FF 3 beta 2 does sort of pass Acid2 test. And this is what appears in it]


19 December 2007

Minus Zero Really Matters!

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Don’t believe me? Have a look at this.

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