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16 November 2007

I Demand An Explanation

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They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Therefore, I’ll keep this post very short and let you figure out and tell me which part of hardware is from ATI/AMD on my system when everything screams an “Intel Inside”!

Perhaps, these may help you make your decision quickly.

(from msinfo32)

(from device manager)

Is Microsoft playing “Idiot Outside”? Do count this when making announcing the verdict.

11 November 2007

Why I Hate VB?

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Just read:

"Has anyone worked with a VB developer that was actually confused by this? I’ve worked with VB developers that get confused about LOTS of things… Never specifically this though :)"

5 November 2007

One Down, Many More to Go

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Raza had his words about the prevailing situation in the country. I must note that he and some other friends used to be strong supporters of Mushhi in the earlier days.

But I wonder how can we be in fourth Martial Law right now when it has been imposed since 1999? I do recommend that you grab a copy of Military Inc. and give it a read.

3 November 2007

مزید پیار بھرے بول

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31 October 2007

Mirror Mirror!

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On the wall, tell me who is the wisest of all?

Of course, I am. But this claim has been in serious jeopardy since last week days. Two corrections in less than a week days is a new low for someone who claims to be ‘know-it-all’ mostly.

I need to study some things again before going back to writing anything technology related. In the meantime, I have other plans to execute. Tune-in in two days time again.

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