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14 February 2009

The Impossible Task

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= Impossibility of minimizing multiple windows

Welcome to Windows 7.

[Edit 08/03/09: It is possible to right click on a thumbnail, usual window context menu appears there. But I still think it is very undiscoverable.]


2 February 2009

From The Forgotten Mail

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Muhammad Usman Ghani

to me, Raza, Faisal, Mehroz


2026: Microsoft manages to do the impossible by cloning Tanveer Badar
thus paving the path for its own demise.

Tanveer Badar

to Muhammad, Raza, Faisal, Mehroz


Such modesty. You should have said:
Beginning in the summer of 2019, Microsoft sponsors a project that seeks to unravel the enigma underlying the phenomenon of "The Tanveer Badar" syndrome. For the next two years, they make little progress as the disease symptoms elude them, much like the old world AIDS (Remember, we have colonized far away galaxies. This experiment is being carried on in an alternate reality.). Then, suddenly, in year 2024, they recognize the signs and relate it to an anomaly which happened on 3rd June, 1984. After that, within the next 2 years they achieve the near impossible, a working clone of Usman Ghani who wreaks havoc resulting int he ultimate destruction of human race.

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