Bug Vanquisher

18 October 2008

Offenses Of The Highest Order

Filed under: Rant vs Vent — Tanveer Badar @ 5:36 PM
  1. Blocking on the thread processing a request for configurable time period.
  2. Modifying an existing service contract instead of creating a new one and inheriting the old one (/me is guilty).
  3. Not protecting static initializers with try { … } catch { … } blocks.
  4. Using open-source persistence layer.
  5. Being forced to work with twits who: do not know how to boot into safe mode; give a blank stare when presented with virtual; get confused when asked about many-to-one and many-to-many relationships. [Update 25/10/08: He quit last Monday. (party)]
  6. Management which throws n people at a task to get it done in 1/n time (n may be arbitrarily large).
  7. Keep getting interrupted by one person or another every 3 minutes.
  8. And I almost forgot. Expect files to be replaced when you send an email “the files which contain just the functions you will need to add to corresponding classes”.
  9. Having no replace (let alone replace all) in Windows Live Writer.

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