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3 September 2008

The Best Programming Language

Filed under: Dev inside!, Rant vs Vent — Tanveer Badar @ 5:30 AM

The myth doesn’t exist.

There is no single best programming languages. If you are too thick to take one as the best, you may as well open a grocery shop and ditch programming forever.

I really hate this line of chat with totally unknown, or unenlightened fresh graduates (or w/e):

<someone>: hello
<me>: hi
<someone>: what do you do for a living?
<me>: making peoples’ lives a living hell
<someone>: you are joking
<me>: of course
<someone>: your real job
<me>: programming

[Then, the stupid question comes.]

<someone>:im too interested in programming
<someone>:which language you use most
<me>:there is no single language, depends on what you are working on
<someone>: i mean present trend
<me>: there are many, there is no single answer to that question of which is the best

[Then, the same question phrased differently this time and my same reply.]

[Then, the same question phrased differently yet again for the third time and my same reply.]

Finally, I got tired of the recursive non-decision but didn’t have the nerve or brain left to tell them to buzz off.

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