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8 September 2008

I (heart) Firefox

Filed under: Funnier — Tanveer Badar @ 6:59 AM

And nothing is going to change that, whatsoever!

3 September 2008

The Best Programming Language

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The myth doesn’t exist.

There is no single best programming languages. If you are too thick to take one as the best, you may as well open a grocery shop and ditch programming forever.

I really hate this line of chat with totally unknown, or unenlightened fresh graduates (or w/e):

<someone>: hello
<me>: hi
<someone>: what do you do for a living?
<me>: making peoples’ lives a living hell
<someone>: you are joking
<me>: of course
<someone>: your real job
<me>: programming

[Then, the stupid question comes.]

<someone>:im too interested in programming
<someone>:which language you use most
<me>:there is no single language, depends on what you are working on
<someone>: i mean present trend
<me>: there are many, there is no single answer to that question of which is the best

[Then, the same question phrased differently this time and my same reply.]

[Then, the same question phrased differently yet again for the third time and my same reply.]

Finally, I got tired of the recursive non-decision but didn’t have the nerve or brain left to tell them to buzz off.

1 September 2008

News Flash, Not So Much

Filed under: Rant vs Vent — Tanveer Badar @ 11:17 PM

XPath is a W3C validation standard.

Says someone I, most fortunately, don’t have the misfortune of directly working with.

Talk about those home grown, supposed to be, well earning, fat headed, people calling themselves programmers.

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