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22 August 2008

Project Planning

Filed under: Dev inside! — Tanveer Badar @ 11:59 PM

Or my lack thereof.

I somehow failed to see the plain fact of dividing a long project plan into as many independent, parallel sequences of tasks as possible.

Such a division gives two pieces of information.

  1. You get the see the maximum parallelism in the project.

  2. Even if you apply infinite people on it, you still cannot finish it sooner than the longest sequence.

Therefore, [it] requires 8 people and won’t be finished sooner than 1.5 month in the ideal case.

9 August 2008

Farewell IE

Filed under: Fun — Tanveer Badar @ 10:17 PM

I finally decided to change system’s default browser from IE to FF. About time, it is.

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