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22 July 2008

Deep Dive into WPF Graphics-The Lost One

Filed under: WPF — Tanveer Badar @ 9:31 PM

Just a (minor) revival to the forgotten series I was supposed to write.

With service pack 1 for .netfx 3.5, milcore.dll no longer provides the low level rendering primitives for WFP. Instead to preserve compatibility with DWM, all new APIs are provided in wpfgfx.dll, which has some minor inclusions (yet unknown to the world, because WPF team refuses to disclose any information).

This blog post reasons about the decision as:

“The reason is that WPF 3.5 SP1 now uses a new graphics DLL (wpfgfx.dll) and certain changes could not be made to Vista’s existing graphics DLL (milcore.dll) that is also used by DWM.”

Features include things like new Effects framework (H/W accelerated this time, not the weenie S/W rendered loonies), integration with DirectX surfaces [all I can remember right now :)].

Apart from that, all DllImports which used to be like DllImport( “milcore.dll” ) now reference the new wpfgfx.dll.

P.S.: I SO hate this post. I don’t do this sort of news aggregator things! Especially when it is so late.

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