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28 July 2008

Dear God, Why Brits?

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Why do they have to talk about something when they don’t know anything? Just the hype. Just the news they get from CNet/ZD Magazine/w-e. Just the little, tiny bits of information their minds retain.

Case in question:

Moore’s Law in relation to manycore

Today, July 28, 2008, 8 hours ago | noreply@blogger.com (The Moth)Go to full article

When most people’s brains first light up on why parallelism is the next BigThing, some jump to the conclusion that Moore’s law is over. Let’s clear that up below.
All of you know Roger Moore’s law which boils down to the prediction of

"the number of transistors on a chip will double about every two years"

clock speed increases and that is what has tricked most of us to associate Moore’s law with CPU speed.
So, now that chip manufacturers cannot make single CPUs any faster (well, they can, but they can’t cool them down enough to make them useful), they are resorting to having chips with multiple cores, which we are terming the manycore shift. The manycore shift has a profound impact on developers (especially those programming for the desktop client) in that their software now has to learn how to take advantage of parallelism.
So if you followed the logical flow so far, you’ll conclude that Moore’s law is still alive: we are still getting more silicon, but it does not translate to increased linear speed, but rather to parallel "engines" that your software must learn to utilise.
I am glad we cleared that up :)

Please read the funny stream of comments. And a bit unleashing of my own wrath.

I am glad you don’t actually do anything in hardware industry.

First off, it is Gordon Moore not Roger Moore. Get your facts right before you post.

Second, holy parallelism has its own nemesis, the Amdhal’s Law. You cannot go faster than 1/[portion of serial work] even with infinite processors.

Third, the problem isn’t even cooling. They can’t make the a transistor’s channel short enough.

[Update: 30/07/08 As expected, my comment wasn’t approved.]

[Update: 15/07/08 I just found out, he is also a PM at Microsoft. Yikes!]

22 July 2008

Deep Dive into WPF Graphics-The Lost One

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Just a (minor) revival to the forgotten series I was supposed to write.

With service pack 1 for .netfx 3.5, milcore.dll no longer provides the low level rendering primitives for WFP. Instead to preserve compatibility with DWM, all new APIs are provided in wpfgfx.dll, which has some minor inclusions (yet unknown to the world, because WPF team refuses to disclose any information).

This blog post reasons about the decision as:

“The reason is that WPF 3.5 SP1 now uses a new graphics DLL (wpfgfx.dll) and certain changes could not be made to Vista’s existing graphics DLL (milcore.dll) that is also used by DWM.”

Features include things like new Effects framework (H/W accelerated this time, not the weenie S/W rendered loonies), integration with DirectX surfaces [all I can remember right now :)].

Apart from that, all DllImports which used to be like DllImport( “milcore.dll” ) now reference the new wpfgfx.dll.

P.S.: I SO hate this post. I don’t do this sort of news aggregator things! Especially when it is so late.

19 July 2008

Firefox Updated, Close First Window

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Why on earth should I close gmail?

*Writing online, Windows Live Writer is currently screwing up for wordpress.*


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Server Error
The server encountered an error and could not complete your request.

If the problem persists, please mail error@google.com and mention this error message and the query that caused it.

That is all.

13 July 2008

Someone Please Fix ASLR!

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Not the feature but what it means. I have heard/read over 3 different expansions for the abbreviation.

ASLR: Address space layout randomization.
ASLR: Address space load randomization.

And some more which I forgot. Its just a mass confusion over what the term actually means while the implementation is simple to explain.

One boot, you get dlls loaded like A B C D E F
Second boot, you get dlls loaded like D E C B A F

And that’s it.

5 July 2008

What Spring Had!

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And I thought ASP.Net didn’t have it. And yes, I am talking about this Spring. And the feature in question in Spring’s DWR or direct web remoting.

A feature similar in functionality exists in WCF 3.5 incarnation, namely, “AJAX Integration and JSON Support“. This also allows an ASP.Net AJAX (or w/e it is called these days) client side to call a WCF service endpoint.

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