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18 June 2008

Promote Firefox

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Get is from here people!


17 June 2008

Catch the Mistakes

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Hot off facebook’s profile home…

What are the reasons that prevent you from reading Urdu Magazine? Pakistan Sponsored Poll

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I don’t like the magazine

I can’t read Urdu

I prefer reading in English

I live outside Saudi Arabia/I never heard of it

I don’t like to read at all

Now, this is SO horribly wrong.

1- Urdu is/was never spoken in KSA. Even the immigrants don’t make up much.

2- There is no positive option.

3- It is impossible to answer for a blind person.

4- Not wanting to read is no one particular language’s fault, perhaps the individual is real dumb, stupid moron. For all we know.

4 June 2008


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It will happen at mid-night…..





I’ll be 24 in just an hour.

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