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7 March 2008

Do I Know You?

Filed under: Intelligence :( ?? — Tanveer Badar @ 4:36 AM

Now, this is post is entirely off the track. It is/has something(s) about “me” when I desperately try things to be not about “me”.

Two weeks ago, I called a colleague to confirm that it was not off from office. He didn’t receive my call and when I was in the bus, he called me back to ask why I had called. We had this little conversation.

Him: Tanveer, you just called me?
Me: Yes
Him: Why?
Me: I wanted to ask you whether you are coming today or not.
Him: Yes, leaving in a few minutes.
Me: Well, I am already in the bus. Bye.
<End of conversation>

In this little piece of speech, treasures of information lie hidden. Let’s dig some.

  1. Neither of us is deaf.
  2. We both can speak.
  3. I am bilingual in Urdu and English.
  4. I understood whatever language he is using to talk to me.
  5. We both work at the same office.
  6. We are on first name terms.
  7. We are close because only close persons ask each other these kind of questions.
  8. At least I am well educated.

Side information that could be gathered from the context.

  1. I had called him previously.
  2. My office is not an educational institute because it was declared a public holiday for schools and colleges.
  3. I am well educated, the person who called me is close to me, it follows that he must be well educated too.

For the added bonus, you can gather additional information from this post. :)

  1. My name has ‘Tanveer’ somewhere in it.
  2. I studied information theory in my past.

In conclusion my children, even the tiniest amount of conversation can leak tremendous amounts of information whether you like it or not. I haven’t exhausted either of the three lists by any chance. Natural languages are always very redundant, yet this tiny snippet shows how much you can gather from just six sentences.

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