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18 February 2008

We Won!

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We Won!

We Won!

We Won!

MQM won from my NA and SA seats! Results went out about 7 minutes ago.


3 February 2008

Oh! I Just Noticed, "My Eyes Are Brown"

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If your not down with brown you dont live in my town
soon theyll own us
I can honestly say I am a racist, always have been always will be, Its part of the human condition, all we can do is work everday on getting a liitle better.
our outward actions may always be honurable but our minds betray us

These are not my words, rather uttered to me.

A little conversation on skype I was having two hours ago, with a US resident, immigrant from Latin America.

I doubt about myself whether the feeling would be mutual or not.

[Nitpickers corner]

There might be two mistakes in this, I’ll correct them in due time. [:)]

2 February 2008

Best Spam Ever

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This is the best piece of spam I ever got.

You’re invited to:

By your host:
Paul Gill

The management of Omni city Hotel in Montreal Canada wishes to advertise through this medium for the Following Job Vacancy in our Hotel. Due to the expansion in our services and the opening of new outlets the hotel needs both men and female’s workers to fill in different categories of job openings. The Hotel management will take care of his/her flight ticket, accommodation, and will also exercise on your visa, if your are interested contact us; omnicity_hotel_canada22@yahoo.ca

Sunday January 27, 2008

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm  (GMT +00:00)

Will you attend?
RSVP to this invitation

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By all means, if you are interested, contact them in the next few hours. But I would like to see little more consistency like:

A hotel which "will take care of his/her flight ticket, accommodation, and will also exercise on your visa" does not have their own domain.

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