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13 January 2008

Renovation Week Begins

Filed under: Personal — Tanveer Badar @ 7:41 PM

Actually, it began four hours ago when I finally decided to get a hair cut after four months. Your can imagine how unhappy the barber would be right now.

And after a confessional sort of phone call with Faisal | Usman (& wouldn’t work, they have so little in common), some other matters were sorted out, new decisions were made. We discussed a lot of things.

The problem(s) began some six month ago as far as I can think. I am becoming the laziest kid on the block all this time. My computer sort of stinks with tons of dirt inside because one side is open ever since I bought it. My glasses need changing and eye-sight re-evaluation for three years now. I still haven’t got my degree issued yet. My mouse double triple clicks every time for an year now. Faisal keeps telling me to buy a decent microphone for the last month. I have become the most irritable person in immediate family, reacting the slightest noise in the most obnoxious manner. The list goes on and on.

Considering this list, the first line and the title should make sense now. It is one down, some to go sort of thing. I’ll keep posting these frequent losses of rationality confessions over the next two weeks as things get done.

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