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29 December 2007

The Bug

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It was ages ago to_date(7/2/2007 , ‘MM/DD/YYYY’) since I entered the bug at connect.microsoft.com about OneNote displaying incorrectly in the dialog box of taskbar properties where you can choose which icons to hide in the notification area.


Notice the ‘&‘ before New, it should not be there at all.

Here are the details I entered:


When customizing which icons to display in the taskbar and which not, OneNote’s description includes keyboard accelerator format specifier too.

Instead of saying ‘Open New Side Note(Window…)’ it says ‘Open &New Side Note(Window…)’.


OneNote 2007

How often does this happen?

Always Happens

Have you seen this problem before in this product?

No, this is new to the most recent version

Reproduction Steps

Run OneNote at least once. It’s quick access icon should appear in the notification area.

Right click on task bar and choose customize. (This is only supported on Windows XP onwards.)

Incorrect description as previously said appears.

Expected Results

There should be no format specifier.

And the ridiculous resolution:

The following fields or values changed:
Field Status changed from [Active] to [Resolved]
Field Resolution changed from [Not Set] to [External]

I wonder why it took OneNote team to mark a bug "won’t fix" 5.5 months?

For the added bonus, find as many inconsistencies as you can.

Overall Statistics
19,733 registered users
502 total bugs
458 total suggestions
54 active bugs
2 resolved bugs
446 closed bugs
27 active suggestions
0 resolved suggestions
431 closed suggestions
Previous 7 Days
19 new users
0 new bugs
68 resolved bugs
135 closed bugs
0 new suggestions
124 resolved suggestions
139 closed suggestions

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