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25 December 2007

The Bug in the Bug

Filed under: Bugz, Rant vs Vent, Windows Vista — Tanveer Badar @ 9:20 PM

Yesterday, I installed Windows Vista SP1 on my box. Everything works fine, except three!

Network icon is very shy of showing the actual connectivity of my computer on the internet. It takes two minutes to update from clip_image001 to clip_image001[5]. Not remotely amusing. Thank God, I have my modem sitting right in front of me to have a look at those five LEDs. Such a time saver.

It is possible to boot the system from cold faster than it is able to resume from sleep from cold. The wonders of sleep optimizations.

And this leads to the last issue. It is not possible to submit this report to Microsoft, because the tool included in SP1 is for beta releases of Windows Vista. It fails to update itself, always downloads a copy of the program when run again, saves reports in a format it cannot itself read, is never able to establish a connection to Microsoft servers for report submission, the error it shows in this case redirects to a page which keeps refreshing itself without ever showing anything, shows Longhorn in its UI instead of Vista.

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