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1 December 2007

But Then, What Is "My" Culture Exactly?

Filed under: Rant vs Vent — Tanveer Badar @ 7:50 PM

A few days back, I posted what’s not my culture. Right after that post, the next day when I was going to office, I noticed something else about the bus I was sitting in which culminated in this post.

Writing all this stuff is clearly going to make my blog hit high in some nasty search-engine terms :(. But, that concerns me not, because someone should say something before it is too late.

There was a sentence written on the back of the seat in front of my that made me think all that day what is our culture turning into? The sentence was:

               "Put your hand in my pocket and touch my rocket".

Clearly, an indication of psychological disorder we call "homo-sexuality" definitely not allowed in eastern culture.

And that’s just one thing we are embracing. Over the years, that sort of behavior has firmly developed in our police and armed forces. Police specializes in being aboriginal "pedophiles". Homosexuality is common in military training institutes. And not just homosexuality, you will find drunk sailors, officers, some kind of wife-swap (even if there is no wife!) in them.

Police forces are almost entirely from Punjab and a minor fraction from interior Sindh and NWFP. Same can be said about armed forces. The problem is three fold. You can expect anything from a person coming from Punjab because generally the ethical background is "anything goes", "do it as long as you are not caught, if caught offer to others too". Men coming from interior Sindh are truly tribal beasts with no education and sympathy. Those from NWFP have women as a banned item in that far, isolated society built around stupid rules and as a result, a guy has to vent off all that piled up desire of "ooh, aah, ouch".

Additionally, over the years, I have witnessed one or two such cases per year while traveling on the bus, take any route, no restriction there! Even the beggars are riding the band wagon. There was one I saw back in June offering glimpses in return for money.

We are also very good at all other whole host of stuff no one would call the chores of a healthy society.

  • We regularly rob (again, local police a big factor), snatch mobiles and personal belongings on the street.
  • Our media may as well start broadcasting rated movies than the programs they show with women half naked.
  • The film industry is rotten right through the bottom with bitches from all over the country joining in as glamour girls. Although, I don’t think there is any need of a film industry in the first place.
  • Our education is a discovery from past and ported back to future.
  • We are not faithful to our employers in our offices and violate any rule or guideline if it hinders our personal satisfaction.
  • Political system is a laughing stock for rest of the world.

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