Bug Vanquisher

29 November 2007

Definitely Buggy (Next Part)

Filed under: Bugz, Fun — Tanveer Badar @ 4:44 PM

I have refrained from giving the heading a name ending in ‘Part 2’ because I suspect many more will come and eventually I’ll reach infinity.

Five minutes ago, Internet Explorer crashed pointing a finger to Flash9.ocx. I submitted a bug report to WER like a good citizen. After that, a little pop-up appeared thanking me and hosting a link for further information.

But, it took part of URL from my current culture, ur-PK. Therefore, the resultant link was http://wer.microsoft.com/responses/Response.aspx/2349/ur/5.1.2600.2.00010100.2.0?SGD=529579a5-9a25-41fa-88e3-358209fcca39
which is never going to work in a million years, unless you expect US President to speak Urdu as mother-tongue.

After a little (another) stroke of genius, I spotted the mistake and made it to the correct page.

There, I realized I had worked pointlessly as there is no useful information available there.

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