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19 November 2007

Definitely Not My Culture

Filed under: Fun, Rant vs Vent — Tanveer Badar @ 1:08 AM

A couple of days ago, I sign-up to second life to check out what the hype is all about. Then, I forgot the password, that recovery email is yet to come. Instead I got this:

Jackhammer John has invited you to join a group in Second Life.
Jackhammer John has invited you to join a group.
There is no cost to join this group.
Sinful Erotic Xstacy Vip: This Group is for Our SEXY and Hot Patrons!!! If Your Not Here what are u doing on Sl??Come and Enjoy Yourself in SL Up and Rising Hot Night and Day Spot*wink wink*
Were open for business *winking*
Log in to accept or decline this invitation.

And the irony is two fold. I still cannot log-in to my account. And certain keywords in this post will increase unwanted traffic to my blog. I already had the misfortune of not understanding my actions and periodically get unwanted hits to disappoint the searcher. :)

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