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4 November 2007

CppCodeProvider Bug List

Filed under: Bugz, C++ — Tanveer Badar @ 7:57 PM

Despite making major strides in the implementation of CppCodeProvider there are still some pieces missing. There are still few cases where you get no definition when rendering UDTs split. Specific cases are:

  • Foremost, MemberType and PointerToMember  will throw FunctionNotImplementedException if rendered.

  • Member types (UDT/enum/union) which are not specified to be defined inline are missing definitions.

  • I would love to add support to declare a function/type as friend of another UDT or union.

  • If a member variable is declared static const and not an integral type, it is not defined.

  • If a member function (function/operator/constructor/destructor) is not declared inline

Irrelevant of rendering UDTs split or not, member type and pure virtual function rendering is broken and here is why:

  • If a member UDT has enclosing type as one of the bases, it is not even defined.

  • If a member function is pure (exception constructors), it is not defined anywhere.

Apart from these, there is memory leak when you try to assign a destructor to a UDT. I am investigating that issue.

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