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29 October 2007

The Kid Left Alone

Filed under: Dev inside! — Tanveer Badar @ 2:11 AM

Microsoft is going to ship LINQ next year. This statement is as sound as ‘US Army is not going to leave Iraq in the next 10 years”.

With LINQ they added a very power data sub-language to the two pet languages of theirs, C# and VB.Net. VC should not complain. They have their own problems to fry with things like re-implementing the code model for VS 10, improving the performance for common usages, expose C++ grammar’s AST programmatically and the miscellaneous. They got Class Designer included in VS 2008 Beta 2 with its own set of problems because System.Windows.Documents.FixedDocument cannot handle extremely wide XPS documents.

But I haven’t discussed one child of Microsoft’s parentage which will need LINQ support and that is ‘PowerShell’. Powershell has the capability to embed C# code (and if I am very much wrong, only C#) as its script which allows it to do almost anything a regular program can do. This means, when out-of-box commandlets are insufficient you can go straight for C# as your first choice and resort to more esoteric means if need by.

But surely, if you can do anything with C# in it, you should be able to mix-in a little of LINQ too. SilverLight 1.1 will have LINQ support,

From SilverLight 1.1 documentation

But I haven’t heard any news about LINQ support in PowerShell.

So why leave this particular kid alone?

P.S. I thought I should note that some of the links point to bugs I have filed on connect.


  1. Regarding C# in powershell, you _are_ very much wrong, as you feared.

    Powershell does not “use” embedded C# per-se — it has its own loose/weak typed language, which is itself loosely based on Perl, Korn Shell and a few other inbreds. As it has full access the to .NET framework, you can instantiate pretty much any class, including the CSharp CodeDom and/or CSharp compiler classes OR the VB.NET codedom/compiler classes — but you are not limited to them either. You may also use Reflection.Emit – I think you get the picture now. :-)

    Comment by Oisin Grehan — 29 October 2007 @ 9:10 PM

  2. […] course, I am. But this claim has been in serious jeopardy since last week days. Two corrections in less than a week days is a new low for someone who claims to be ‘know-it-all’ […]

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