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24 October 2007

Installing VS 2008 Beta 2

Filed under: Tips — Tanveer Badar @ 12:15 AM

Here are some tips for installing VS 2008 Beta 2.

  • Stop any search indexing services before you begin, that means any desktop search engine you may have (Google desktop search, Windows Search for Windows XP, Windows Search in Windows Vista, etc.).
  • Verify that you are installing from a trusted source and turn off any anti virus/anti spyware programs you have. (This means all sorts of anti virus programs, Windows Defender if you have is installed on Windows XP or in Windows Vista, Windows LIve OneCare’s AntiSpyware/Antivirus service, etc.)
  • Specifically, for Windows Vista before commencing the installation, install updates for .net framework 3.0 manually and make sure there are no pending restart requirements. And after installing those updates restart manually so that TrustedInstaller does not hog your system for long periods of time. Although the restart is inevitable, but doing things prematurely can save time, at least empirically.
  • Do not attempt installation on any thing less than IGB.
  • Do not attempt to run devenv.exe for large projects on any thing less than 2 GB, because performance sucks even on Windows XP where ambient memory requirements are pretty low as compared to Windows Vista.

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  1. Installing VS 2008 Beta 2

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