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19 October 2007

Out of the Fire, into the Frying Pan 2

Filed under: Computer Theory, Personal — Tanveer Badar @ 12:53 PM

A few days ago, I posted about how I got 3.89 out of 5. That piece of information was not there, leading people to ask what the overall rating was.

While I have no objections to that 3.89, I do have a little to say about the procedure. At my company, a TL reviews each and every member of his/her team. After that review, the formalized review forms stream up the food chain (higher management).

Then, someone normalizes the results. By normalizing it means that rankings are pulled back a little if the TL is known to be lenient or added up a little if he/she is very strict. Then, things happen, all sorts of tantrums, shoutings, yelling hoarsely or walking out (just kidding, nothing of that sort ever happened).

If you are following the theme about one specific data structure I praise above all, you may have already spotted the trouble spot. It is the normalization process. What a TL does to his/her team is done again with his team by an even larger/bigger predator (no offense if anyone from my company reads it :) ). If a TL has a very dim view with the predators, his team is going to pay the price, if a very bright view kudos to all.

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