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6 October 2007

Such A Long Absence

Filed under: Rant vs Vent — Tanveer Badar @ 2:58 AM

What a long absence from the blog world! Almost two weeks. I really missed writing blog posts and reading others peoples’ crazy ideas.

Alas, the tragedy started with us moving our office to a new location. As is always the case, things rarely flow smoothly when you are moving premises for about 25 people and only two hands to manage it. Turned out, it was a full week of agony, working amid all the furnishing going on, with glass being fitted to the windows right in front of our eyes and tiles firmly set on the floor.

Eventually, the hub hub subsided leaving the lingering problem of Internet connectivity. First, it was PTCL’s fault. Required DSL modem changed from Loop H to Loop G (as if I know what either of these means). That took two days to grab. Then, it was the matter of properly connecting the modem to the rest of the system which took another three days at the hand of a particularly pesky lineman.

Week 2: Loop G modem is happy to display its Loop 1 green light to everyone but the router stepped in to spoil the fun and still no Internet connectivity. The exact problem is that we are unable to reach outbound addresses.

In the meantime, my poor computer (with a fried motherboard) came back as new yesterday, so here I am.


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