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31 October 2007

First Love

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Just read it on Jim Galasyn’s blog.

                                         it’s back to my first love, C++.

I must say, mine too while adding foremost and forever!

Mirror Mirror!

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On the wall, tell me who is the wisest of all?

Of course, I am. But this claim has been in serious jeopardy since last week days. Two corrections in less than a week days is a new low for someone who claims to be ‘know-it-all’ mostly.

I need to study some things again before going back to writing anything technology related. In the meantime, I have other plans to execute. Tune-in in two days time again.

29 October 2007


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Courtesy of Samsung Easy Studio. Yet I was wondering about Pakistanis having problems with English, Inzimam saying ‘boyses’!

Even beats the sentence structural mistakes in my LG mobile phone. [:)]

The Kid Left Alone

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Microsoft is going to ship LINQ next year. This statement is as sound as ‘US Army is not going to leave Iraq in the next 10 years”.

With LINQ they added a very power data sub-language to the two pet languages of theirs, C# and VB.Net. VC should not complain. They have their own problems to fry with things like re-implementing the code model for VS 10, improving the performance for common usages, expose C++ grammar’s AST programmatically and the miscellaneous. They got Class Designer included in VS 2008 Beta 2 with its own set of problems because System.Windows.Documents.FixedDocument cannot handle extremely wide XPS documents.

But I haven’t discussed one child of Microsoft’s parentage which will need LINQ support and that is ‘PowerShell’. Powershell has the capability to embed C# code (and if I am very much wrong, only C#) as its script which allows it to do almost anything a regular program can do. This means, when out-of-box commandlets are insufficient you can go straight for C# as your first choice and resort to more esoteric means if need by.

But surely, if you can do anything with C# in it, you should be able to mix-in a little of LINQ too. SilverLight 1.1 will have LINQ support,

From SilverLight 1.1 documentation

But I haven’t heard any news about LINQ support in PowerShell.

So why leave this particular kid alone?

P.S. I thought I should note that some of the links point to bugs I have filed on connect.

26 October 2007

Bibi Takes Her Toll

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I was very happy last week that two entirely unexpected holidays were gifted to citizens of Karachi. (Of course, I feel deeply sorry for the bereaved!)

But the problem is I have no holidays on two consecutive Saturdays, tomorrow and the one after that.

And that brings us to the categories. It is funny to think that no vacations for two weeks and yet I am ranting about it.

25 October 2007


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How do people manage to write so little on their blogs?


24 October 2007

A Second Without Download Is The Second Most Wasted!

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A Google Tragedy

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When did this



Insider’s Scoop

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Right after getting that DSL connection working, I was wondering how to find out the IP address of the modem. My own computer is behind it and not worth mentioning as it starts in public IP address range.

Then, it came to me and I posted a comment on this very own blog and there it was. Modem’s IP address. What was astounding was the fact that it started in class A. Before this moment, I never understood why Pakistan would have a class A address when the DNS servers are in class C. But this means that PTCL must have enrolled in regional authorities database to start dishing out broadband connections.

Further digging up www.who.is revealed that PTCL had acquired this network range in January 2007.

RegDate: 2007-01-17
Updated: 2007-01-24

And a visit to www.apnic.net further enlightened that

inetnum: xxx.xx.0.0 - xxx.xx.255.255

meaning there are 64009 connections available. With this additional information

address: PTCL Headquarters, 5th Floor New Building
country: PK
phone: +92-332-513-5995
e-mail: ahmed.imtiaz@ptcl.net.pk
nic-hdl: IAB1-PK
changed: ahmed.imtiaz@ptcl.net.pk 20070605
source: APNIC

Installing VS 2008 Beta 2

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Here are some tips for installing VS 2008 Beta 2.

  • Stop any search indexing services before you begin, that means any desktop search engine you may have (Google desktop search, Windows Search for Windows XP, Windows Search in Windows Vista, etc.).
  • Verify that you are installing from a trusted source and turn off any anti virus/anti spyware programs you have. (This means all sorts of anti virus programs, Windows Defender if you have is installed on Windows XP or in Windows Vista, Windows LIve OneCare’s AntiSpyware/Antivirus service, etc.)
  • Specifically, for Windows Vista before commencing the installation, install updates for .net framework 3.0 manually and make sure there are no pending restart requirements. And after installing those updates restart manually so that TrustedInstaller does not hog your system for long periods of time. Although the restart is inevitable, but doing things prematurely can save time, at least empirically.
  • Do not attempt installation on any thing less than IGB.
  • Do not attempt to run devenv.exe for large projects on any thing less than 2 GB, because performance sucks even on Windows XP where ambient memory requirements are pretty low as compared to Windows Vista.
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