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20 August 2007


Filed under: Intelligence :( ?? — Tanveer Badar @ 4:30 PM

PNSC‘s building caught fire (again!) yesterday. It started on fourth floor and rapidly spread to the top floor. After a grueling fight of almost 10 hours, it was finally extinguished. Two fire-fighters were injured. One person died of cardiac failure. THE MANAGER ADMINISTRATION. VIJAY KUMAR KHATRI.

I am thinking of adding a ‘Spy’ tag to my blog. These entries are rapidly becoming a favorite of mine, it seems. A few months ago, the same incident had happened. Same place, same time, same day of week. Shipping Corporation is not dumb. They must have hired their administration manager after complete background check. But lets face it, Pakistan still does not trust even the immigrants of 1947 separation properly, India does the same to Muslims living there.

I have two co-workers who are sort of related to the dead manager, they say he was honest and died of the responsibility bestowed upon him that he had failed. But again, I don’t trust it entirely. Fire started at the same building some months ago, they do nothing to prevent the second incident. Now, the second time when the fire starts, their administration manager dies of heart attack? Doesn’t it sound like someone should die to break the chain of evidence leading to the real culprit?

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