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15 August 2007

Don’t ‘Not Leak Information’

Filed under: Computer Theory, Fun — Tanveer Badar @ 2:02 PM

A couple of days ago, I was watching Discovery Channel. They showed some program about UK military and Apache pilots, remember the exact details.

One point that particularly stood out was how those pilots were debriefed. All personal information and pointers linking them to be an Apache pilot were stripped away. I suppose this was to prevent the [potential, totally misunderstood] enemies from finding out the details of that helicopter, in case the mission was compromised.

Now, let us puddle together into the lakes of wild guesses. I may be as right as Israeli forces attacking Lebanon last year or as wrong as freedom fighters in Kashmir and Palestine. Consider the situation where only Apache pilots have no information. Easy targets to identify, capture a foreign solider (pilot) and if he/she has no personally identifiable item, you captured an Apache pilot.

Therefore, next time your commanding officer tells you to lose everything personal before going on a mission, point him/her to this page and this entry too. Never (ever!) lose everything you have, makes you an easy target to pick out from masses. A much better strategy is to go along the path of misinformation. Lose personals and gain it from your commanding officer.

Side note to intelligence agencies. You guys should keep a keen eye out for pilots not having any identification. Chances are high they are Britons and were flying Apache helicopters in your territory. He is your priceless source of information, don’t let him escape.

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