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26 July 2007

Tonight, I’ll fight my last battle!

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I am the one born with the mark, the chosen one. I am the ‘Boy who lived’. The only one ever to survive the killing curse. A prophecy set in motion the chain of event which lead to the current state of affairs. A lightening bolt on my forehead is the only witness of my first encounter with him. He, who terrorized the atmosphere for 50 years, crumbled to pieces when he tried to kill me while I got just a scratch. No one knew at the moment what had made this curse fail. No possible explanation existed, except for one person.

Growing up with my formidable aunt and uncle, I bear the marks of ignorance. They may not love me, may treat me furiously, may have took me grudgingly, but they took me and in that act closed the charm placed upon all of us. The charm which prevents any further harm to me while I can still call that place home where my mother’s blood dwells.

Everyone has come to almost worship me as their savior. This fact dawns on me when I first came to Hogwarts. In my first year, I face many new challenges, two nice complementary replacements to Lord Voldemort spring up, in ascending order of nastiness, Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape. The loathing I feel for Snape is only matched by his hatred for me.

During my first year, I make two extra ordinary friends, who put everything else aside when it comes to standing beside me. We plough together towards philosopher’s stone, overcoming many obstacles, until one by one they meet challenges too insurmountable for them and I am left alone. Then, alone I fight Lord Voldemort and prevent acquisition of philosopher’s stone.

In the second year, a strange sequence of event leave me as the one everyone thinks as Heir of Slytherin. Because of the powers transferred to me at the night of attack, I am able to talk to and understand snakes’ language. People are getting petrified. Finally, I get to kill the basilisk and face the youth of Lord Voldemort. After some confrontation, he gives way to lost amidst the mist of time immemorial.

Next year, we are informed that a mass murderer has escaped Azkaban. I discover that he was the one who betrayed my parents whereabouts to Lord Voldemort, otherwise, there was no way he would have found out about us even if he was looking through the window of room we were sitting in. Such was the power of Fidelius charm, unless the secret keeper himself chose to divulge the secret, it was impossible to find in any other way. Later on, I discovered that the secret keeper was changed at the last moment to someone whom no one would ever expect to be trusted which such a task. It turned out he was a traitor and betrayed that secret.

Fourth year at Hogwarts comes as a surprise when my name comes out of the goblet entirely unexpectedly. Together with three other competitors I face three daunting challenges. During the last challenge, the winning trophy has been turned into a portkey by a death eater. I am transported to a grave yard with a congregation of people ready to kill me. Lord Voldemort awaits my arrival to give himself a new body with the ingredients: bone of father, flesh of servant and blood of enemy; ensure the regeneration of a body. Then, we fight a duel and since our wands share the core they don’t work properly. I manage to escape and tell Dumbledore of his resurrection. Dumbledore announces to everyone about this at once and recalls members of the Order of Phoenix.

The fifth year starts with two dementors attacking me. Then, the Order comes to take me to the headquarters where I’ll be spending my vacations. I spend about two months there culminating to my trail and get freed of all charges. On my way back I meet Lucius Malfoy who doesn’t seem very pleased with me getting off without a charge. Later, we discover that he had bewitched a member of Order to do his bidding. I arrive at Hogwarts where I am surprised to see that no one thinks me sane, thanks to Rita Skeeter (the complete cow). The Daily Prophet projects me as the tragic little hero who is touched in the head. Then, there is the appointment of Dolores Umbridge by the ministry of magic. She is a nasty piece of work and issue week long detention in her first class, uses man-handling in that detention and gets quite pleased to see me suffer. I begin to act as an antenna to Lord Voldemort’s mood and nothing helps. To fight Umbridge, I found a society for studying DADA. We make great progress, Hermione perform Protean charm to amaze all those Ravenclaws. In my dreams, I am constantly visiting the corridor outside department of mysteries without realizing what it means. The information has been kept from me on Dumbledore’s orders. One night I share Lord Voldemort’s body and possess a snake that strikes Arthur Weasley. This alert him to the access I have to his thoughts and mind and the stakes he can exploit in return. Occlumency classes are arranged in hurry with Snape but they don’t help a bit. The order keeps talking about some weapon, which I think they use to refer to me. Cho’s friend sells us out by telling Umbridge about us. Dumbledore leaves the school trying to protect me and everyone else and Umbridge is made headmistress. O.W.Ls arrive and during the last exam I have visions of Sirius being trapped in department of mysteries with Lord Voldemort. We leave for the ministry only to find that those visions were planted in my head to lure me to ministry. I lift a prophecy with my name on it. Death eaters apparate, we fight and everyone gets injured. Dumbledore arrives at the ministry to save to day. Sirius gets killed in the action. I leave after Bellatrix to avenge his death. She asks me to give her the prophecy and she may spare my life. I tell her it has been destroyed. Pain shots across my head. Lord Voldmort arrives at ministry too. Dumbledore fights with him and he flees after brief possession of me. Dumbledore then explains everything to me. Telling me that the prophecy that was destroyed was only one record kept by ministry and it was made to someone (him) and that person has the means to recall it perfectly. Trelawney rises in the pensive:

“The One with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…. and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…”

Next year, Dumbledore arranges private lessons with me to show me the past of Tom Riddle. How he grew up, his sole weakness, the ways he used to be as immortal as humanly possible. Someone is trying to kill a person at Hogwarts. Katie Bell gets cursed and admitted to Saint Mungo’s Hospital, Ron gets poisoned over Christmas. When we go to destroy one known Horcrux, Dumbledore drinks potion that makes him immensely weak. We arrive back only to find Hogwarts has the Dark Mark hanging over it. Death eaters are inside the school and Snape kills Dumbledore to save his own neck.

Who am I telling you this story? I am Harry Potter. The Boy who Lived. The Chosen One. The One with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord!

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