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16 June 2007


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I wrote previously that I refused last outstanding job offer here. Turns out, my decision was well timed and exactly what I would have done two weeks later if I had chosen to join them.

I say this because another friend who waited for them for four months and finally appointed left them two weeks ago because he did not like it that much. Work pace was slow and we did not get the upper hand on the required knowledge in university and actually working on that field necessitated that you already knew most of the things. Now, he is working for the company who offered me a job back in January. Meanwhile, those who made their choices six months earlier have six months of experience and no one will ever raise and eye-brow on five months of unemployment and two jobs in such a short period of time.

I’ll be paying dear old university a visit in a couple of days and I’ll make it known to those well connected what a horrible course we had for verilog. The main reason my friend did not have much experience in practical things is due to him. Now that he is teaching a compulsory course, it is rumored that he leave classroom when students even so much as ‘try to become out of control’. Not a very good excuse for final year!

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