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5 June 2007

On a wonderful day, 23 years ago

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Your clocks ticked 725760000 times. 12096000 minutes elapsed. It has been 201600 hours, though wikipedia says it has been 201045.6 hours. 8400 days have passed since then. Also, it is 1200 in terms of weeks. The exact number of months is 276. It was 23 years ago.

Turning to the lunar calendar, a different story awaits. Though the second, minute, day and week count remains the same, everything else has changed. The months become 285. and the years are 23.75.

These years have seen two of these.

photo sphere  aurora borealis (solar storm of 2003)

Can you guess the hints?

I am talking about me being born. Born to a family of five children whom I came to question latter “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest (read smartest) of them all?”. I have said much about myself before here and here.

I cheated with the timestamp!

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