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29 May 2007

A matter of different opinions

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Robert McLaws, of Windows-Now.com wrote a patriotic post, which I find pretty absurd. To save you the trouble of going to that link, here is the replica:

To All American Troops, Past and Future: Thank You!

Today, May 29, 2007, 10 hours ago | Robert McLawsGo to full article

Just wanted to take a minute and say “thanks” to all the individuals who have given their lives in the service of the United States military. Their sacrifices enable the freedoms that I enjoy, including the ability to say whatever I want on my blog. For that, I am most grateful. I’m off to spend time with my family today, so everyone have a safe and happy holiday!”

However, I find this thanks message delusional. He talks of the ‘sacrifices’ which are actually an act of terrorism committed by invaders. The freedom he enjoys is founded on the false ideas of wide-spread Islam phobia in the western world. And there is no need to remind that the accusations of WMD in Iraq were incorrect and boldly projected to the world to secure control to one of the biggest oil resources in the world. Moreover, it is not only the Americans who died in Iraq.

Those who died should have thanked their killers that their misery in Iraq ended earlier than the ones still surviving. On Sunday, I was watching JAG on StartWorld. It hosted a story of a military psychiatrist, she was under pressure from the work load of consulting and advising the invaders. Eventually, their nightmares and horrors infested her mind too. They became her own. Now, the reason they gave at the end was increased work load because more invaders were facing front line battle than ever before, support services were given to civil contractors with a resulting decline in quality. I bet even Vietnam seems a vacation resort to all invaders now.

But in the end, I also feel sorry for all those who died. It shouldn’t have been their fate to have war imposed on them so mercilessly. I request when you say your prayers for the invaders who died, please keep in mind the countless innocent victims of Iraq who have their whole lives devastated. Remember the Afghanis. Remember the women who lost their husbands, the children whose joy of life was snatched from them. Remember the virgins whose greatest wealth was either forcibly taken in the name of home searches or they were forced to sell it for ‘only’ $5 in order to survive another day. Don’t forget the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay or Abu-Gharib prison. Or The suicide bombers who give their lives to make the difference.

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