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1 March 2007

And we ride on wave of bugs

Filed under: Bugz, Windows Vista — Tanveer Badar @ 8:59 PM

I have to suspect that even with my OS build number of 6.xxxx, I have got an internal build with build number magically bumped up to 6000 due to the shear number of bugs I am encountering in my Windows Vista Enterprise Edition.

Have a look at how I am dying a death by a thousand cuts.

This beauty popped up when I tried to remove my USB Key from the computer. Can you guess what message of utter alien intelligence this dialog is conveying?

Despite repeated assurances from Microsoft that all drivers are strictly checked and video drivers “do not” cause screen artifacts, a triangle is clearly visible when I previewed Windows Energy screen saver.

Here is a million dollar question: To which program does this UAC prompt belong, if I remove the highlighted window hint? Does some Mr. Anonymous want to do some harmful action?

Here’s my favorite from Windows Server 2003.

Did you know the fact that Windows Server 2003 predates even the most ancient human civilizations ever recorded? A whole 58494.16 years older!

Even if you see the persian blue line at the bottom and right border, pretend you didn’t see anything and everything in Aero glass works fine.

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