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25 February 2007

A day (mostly) wasted!

Filed under: Personal — Tanveer Badar @ 1:02 PM

Yesterday, I decided to have a visit to my university. First one since I graduated from there. I planned to meet some of my teachers to discuss life as a professional, have their views about how to go about your job, higher studies, applying for a faculty position at the university and so on. Also, there was the matter of looming convocation, ever getting closer and tons of official documents I had to acquire and some clearance fees to pay.

What I expected was a warm response from them, pleased to see that one of their students still remembered them. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong on this account. They turned a cold shoulder, not at all the kind of response I was expecting.

One teacher was, with whom I am on very good terms, one of the best students his career and having decided a time to meet had another student from 1999 batch and kept asking me if there was something else I wanted to discuss and kept hinting if I didn’t mind I should rather leave right away. Besides, this whole thing happened after he had asked me if I could come 30 minutes later.

Another one had much more important things on his mind, so I had to come up with a stupid reason for why I was there. Even there, I was one of the twelve students who choose his subject as an elective.

I didn’t dare risk my ego by trying to visit other teachers and found some friends who were there and went to a fast-food resturant to evaporate my feeling of let-down and insult.

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