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14 February 2007

More coming up in a couple of days

Filed under: Personal — Tanveer Badar @ 8:42 PM

I am really busy these days. Due to the incorrect assignment of workload, I am either waiting for something to do, or doing overtime in the office. Hopefully, this situation will resolve in a couple of days as we near product release date before I, myself, am finished.

Now, to the real topic of this post. Many things are cooking up in my mind during those free periods and I will share most of these with the readers. Things like how to write secure iterators, the blogs I frequently read (a mighty >86 item list) which you will find very informative, a deep drive into the Visual system and milcore.dll of WPF, the new APIs of user32.dll concerning off-screen surfaces used by DWM. that sort of stuff.

Don’t blame me if your head has already started aching.

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