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6 February 2007

What’s wrong with my System Protection?

Filed under: Windows Vista — Tanveer Badar @ 12:41 PM

The word is: “You are multibooting Windows Vista with a previous version of Windows and unable to restore Windows Vista to some previous restore point.”

The problem:

  • All restore points are deleted from the disk.
  • All previous versions of files are deleted from the disk.
  • All but the most recent CompletePC Backup are deleted from the disk. The remaining backup made by CompletePC Backup is full and complete and can be used to restore your entire computer.

The reason:

Windows XP automounts every disk it detects, including external or removable hard disks. As part of the automounting process, NTFS writes to the disk, and these writes are detected by the volsnap.sys driver in Windows XP. Because this version of volsnap.sys does not recognize the persistent shadow copies (also known as restore points) made by the volsnap.sys driver in Windows Vista, Windows XP cannot maintain the integrity of the shadow copy storage area and deletes the shadow copies to avoid corrupting them. Note that dual-booting Windows Vista with Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP Professional x64 Edition will also result in the shadow copies being deleted.

The only workaround:

To avoid losing Windows Vista shadow copies on a disk that you don’t need to access from Windows XP, disconnect or power off the disk prior to booting to Windows XP.

For complete details, follow the link: How restore points and other recovery features in Windows Vista are affected when you dual-boot

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