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31 January 2007

Let’s mourn Windows Vista

Filed under: Bugz, Windows Vista — Tanveer Badar @ 5:46 PM

I don’t know where to start, the list of bugs I have already found and will find in future is quite long. This story will be told in multiple parts. I managed to get my hands on Windows Vista Enterprise Edition a few days ago, which I’ll be upgrading to Ultimate Edition again in a few days time.

Now, it is time to start listing the bugs I have found.

  1. The first one was discovered when I was checking the magnifying capabilities of dwm. Carefully watch the thumbnail image shown. Those card holding rectangles should never leave the vicinity of menu no matter how much the application’s height and width are increased. But in this case, they are far away.

  2. The next one is also related to dwm and shows what Microsoft promised us for three years hasn’t been done like what we were told.

    See the area filled with window background. That glitch-free painting through dwm is a far cry. And how the status bar is shown in two places. No wonder, it might be because the web page took so long to load, but then, the problem is with Internet explorer.

  3. Thumbnail API is also flawed. It does not show any of the child windows in the thumbnail.

  4. And for added fun, if a window is minimized, no matter what you do and how dynamically rendered that window may be, its thumbnail will just be a static image with no live preview and updates.

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