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13 November 2005


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Welcome to my blog! As you see its title, it is about programming. Most of the code that you will see here will be in C/C++. However, if you are interested in its C# version drop me a line at tanveerbadar@gmail.com. (And please, don’t ask me to do it in any variant of BASIC! I hate it.)

I suppose a short introduction about me is also in order. I am currently studying Computers and Information Systems. at NED University, Karachi Pakistan. But that doesn’t constrain my interests to computer only, some of my other fields of interests are mathematics, physics, chemistry, botany, zoology and some I haven’t even come across.

Also, title doesn’t guarantee that any code posted here is absolutely bug-free. No one can be sure for that. However, I’ll try my best to keep that promise.

Disclaimer: All information provided is “AS IS” without any warranty.

1 November 2005

Place Holder

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This is just a place holder entry. Please wait a few days while the link that referred you to this entry gets updated.

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